You are starting a mythical creature traveling circus, aware that those animals are dying because no one believes them anymore. You must raise the animals and show them to the world so that people will believe again.

How to Play:

  • The goal of the game is to raise mythical animals and show them in a circus.
  • Your animals begin as babies. Feed them when they are hungry and they will gradually grow. Their hunger meter turns from green to red when they are hungry.
  • Training your animals will keep them happy. Animals will gradually lose happiness over time. Their happiness meter turns
  • Happy animals generate money. The larger the animal, the more money it generates.
  • When you show your circus, the more happy animals you have, the more people will come. The more people come, the more points you earn.
  • You win the game when you earn 2000 points.


  • Gwen Katz (Lead Designer/UI Artist/Programmer)
  • Fernando Aires (Programmer)
  • Kate Tacastacas  (UX/UI Designer)
  • Grace Culloton  (Creature Artist)
  • Timofey Andropov (Programmer)


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A cute game! My problem is that it takes some time to earn money, with constantly having to close and open the circus.